Top Free Backlinks Checker Tool

Top Free Backlinks Checker Tool

Hello, Today I am talking about free backlinks checker tools. The tools I am suggesting you it’s is free and there are no limitations to using these tools.

There are many profits of backlinks checker tools. We can track own backlinks and improve our sites ranking. So don’t waste time go to our topic free backlinks checker tools.


What Are Backlinks?

All Heading


Backlinks are connected to your webpage to another page like a link. It’s is a link to your website to another website where you make backlinks.


How many types of backlinks?

There are many types of backlinks but I will talk about two types of backlinks. Because it’s is very important.


No Follow

If you are created no-follow backlinks your PA will increase. But the main question is how to create no-follow backlinks. It is very easy to create no-follow backlinks. You are going to other sites and comment there post with your site’s links and they will approve your comment and you no-follow backlinks created.



It’s is a good role for increase you DA. The do-follow backlinks will be created by adding links in the post. And other sites will give you do-follow backlinks by commenting.

The do-follow backlinks will increase your ranking and drive traffic to your blog.


Top 2 Free Backlinks Checker Tool


This article I will suggest you top 2 backlinks checker tools. That use you will track your backlinks. So let’s start



Ahref is the one and most powerful SEO tool but it is a paid tool but ahref backlinks checker tool is free for all user you can check top 100 backlinks any domain and URL. So first you go to Ahref Backlinks Checker Tool

Now enter the domain or URL that you check backlinks. And click check backlinks. And solve the captcha

Now you can check all backlinks, domain rating, DA, PA, and traffic etc



Uber suggest

Ubersuggest is the best free SEO tool for bloggers. You can check keyword volume, CPC, SEO difficulty etc

But we are talking about backlinks first go to Ubersuggest Backlinks Checker and Paste domain U you want to check backlinks and press the search button

And Look There you can find organic traffic, backlinks, top pages etc




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