How to Use Instagram for Business to Boost Sales

How to Use Instagram for Business to Boost Sales

More than 10% of the population on the planet uses Instagram – and that is enough to understand and acknowledge the power of this social medial platform and its potential for any business. Whatever you do, your target group probably has an Instagram account. To tickle your imagination even more, just know about 90% of users follow businesses of their needs or interests.

As a widely acknowledged and used social platform, Instagram does offer several ways to engage with one’s audience. Some people prefer short videos, since they suddenly became popular – who does not like reels, right? Others rather go live by hosting a live Instagram video to increase conversions for example. Let’s not forget stories as an important way of engaging with the audience during a 24h period. Long story short – Instagram will provide you with methods that engage your followers and increase the conversion rate.

Unlike the profiles of regular Joes, Instagram for business operates through either organic presence, influencer-type of marketing, or paid advertising. To differentiate, organic presence refers to one of the most common ways for businesses and agencies to use Instagram. Content on the feed without any paid promotion is considered to be organic, and to succeed in it, one has to engage in the high-quality posting of content that is highly relevant to the target group or followers.

Influence marketing is, on the other hand, the form of marketing that happens when agencies link up with some public and famous figure that will promote their products, brand, or services. The advantage of using the influencer marketing approach is in its reach since famous persons can reach enormously more people than an average business.

Last, but not least, paid advertisements on Instagram are a way of approaching wider audiences. Agencies and individuals use it primarily to boost sales, but the promotion quality is both better and more effective inevitably. First of all, you have to make sure the content you post is high-quality content. What that means is, your content must be relevant to your audience and visually attractive as well. Visually attractive content easily stops the visitors from further scrolling and drives their attention to your posts.

The very first steps on that road are about planning the feed. Many successful businesses plan the way their feed will look in advance to catch as much attention as possible. Always keep in mind that the aim of your content should be to gain and keep the attention of your users, making them want to learn more about the business, brand, or product. Secondarily, it is always a good idea to use hashtags. People use hashtags to enhance the reach of their posts and link up with new fans and followers.

If you are a business owner, you might as well start putting the business name as the hashtag first to help clients quickly reach more information about you. Some businesses use different tools to explore popular hashtags to make the best out of their niche. Another good idea is the use of giveaway actions. Any kind of contest easily catches the eye of the wider masses and mainly serves as a way of attracting new customers.

It certainly affects the engagement rate by promoting the action on different platforms and social media networks. Besides these techniques, many successful entrepreneurs consider making partnerships with public figures recognized as influencers. It adds to the human dimension of product value when you have a famous individual promoting your product so you might as well investigate popular influencers within your niche.

In the end, it is obvious that Instagram stands out as a very popular and extremely powerful social media tool for growing business and reaching out to more audiences by achieving great results with minimal effort. Along with its editing features such as filters and effects, the steps explained above will help any business owner strengthen the digital presence of their services, brand, or product.


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