How to Edit Video for Social Media

How to Edit Video for Social Media

Social media has become quite an important aspect of every business’s marketing strategy. It not only allows you to build brand awareness but also attracts more traffic to your website. However, one of the most effective tools in social media marketing continues to be videos. Video-making has come a long way since its introduction in this community. There are many advantages to using videos to promote your services and products and improve credibility as a brand. 

That being said, making a video for your social media account is not very easy. Fortunately, some tips can help you make the most of your endeavors. Further in this article, you can find a few notes to make you videos worth sharing and watching. Following these tips can surely make your video marketing campaign a success. 

Tips to Follow for Making Social Media Videos

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1. Begin with a strategy: 

Before you indulge in starting the process of making the video, you need to devise a plan. This data should include a competitor check, audience research, content scheduling, ideation, task delegation, budget allocation, and other similar aspects. Having in mind all of these before you make the video will help make your campaign a bigger success. 

In addition to that, having an overall strategy for making and publishing your videos will ensure that you maintain a theme for your feed. This will not only make your feed more interesting but also allow it to have an underlying story. 

2. Make your videos crisp:

This is another consideration you should factor in when making social media videos using video editors. A user’s social media feed has content from many different pages. This further means their attention span will not be much. So, instead of beating around the bush, you should always ensure that the message is clear from the first second of the video.

Keeping your videos bite-sized and making them easy to consume is the best way to ensure your video gets views and shares. You should remove any irrelevant parts and only keep ones that are most engaging. The main motive of your videos should be to attract audience attention, share the necessary message, and get the viewers to act, all in a short span. 

3. Denote the purpose of the video:

Video marketing campaigns can serve several purposes for your business. However, what video you make mainly depends on what you want out of the video. Knowing this makes it easier to find a topic for the video and know how to make it. 

For instance, if you want to attract new followers, or drive existing customers or announce some news about your company, each of these requires a different kind of video making. Whatever your reason is, you should always be clear about your objectives. More importantly, it should always align with your overall business goals. 


4. Buy viewers in the first few seconds:

This is one consideration that can really help your help you attract new viewers and make your videos stand out from your competitors. Surveys have shown that it only takes about eight seconds for a viewer to decide if they want to watch it all the way. For video creators, this further means that they only have these first few seconds to captivate them and convince them to watch your video. 

This is why you should always ensure that the introductory part of your video is interesting enough. You can start with thought-provoking questions, powerful visuals, inspiring quotes, and even strong music. Other than that, you can use your brand logo or name or the product you want to advertise so that people can recognize your brand right off the bat. You should leave the viewers intrigued and curious from the first few seconds to make them want to watch the video. 

5. Take care of the sound:

There is no denying that sound is a very important part of making a good video. While you can manipulate the lighting later in an online video editor, the audio can seldom be influenced or changed later. Even though you can add sound effects and other music later in post-production, the dialogues and narration should be perfectly recorded. 

This is why it is best to not rely on the built-in microphone of your camera or phone and use an external one. You might also want to re-record the important parts to remove background noises. With a professional microphone, you can also record a background score for the video.

This will make adding music files without copyright issues easier for you. Getting high-quality sound will further make sure that your video looks polished and feels professional. 

6. Add subtitles:

If your video has a lot of dialogues and talking in your videos, it might not be suitable for people who speak different languages. However, as a brand, your motive should be to reach as many people as you can. This is why you should add subtitles to such a video. 

It will help non-native speakers or customers who are hearing-challenged to easily understand and consume your content. In addition to that, videos that are published on social media platforms now automatically play without sound. Adding subtitles also help in scenarios such as this. It will ensure that your message is put across, irrespective of if the video is on mute. 

In Conclusion

To sum up, the article, converting your targeted audience into buying customers is not always easy or just about the products and services you offer. Several other factors like how you market your brand and customer service play a significant role. While customer service is subjective to each company and its workforce, making a good video can be easy. 

This article points out some of the preliminary steps that you can take to ensure that your video looks professional and can intrigue your viewers. With a good quality video, you will improve your credibility in the industry and build brand awareness and enhance customer retention. 

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