How to build virtual sales rooms with interactive features

How to build virtual sales rooms with interactive features

Working in sales is one of the oldest human professions. As a concept, it’s incredibly simple, yet the details of each sale make it quite complex. In essence, all you need to do is make sure a customer exchanges their currency for your product. That’s why it’s essential to have strong interpersonal skills on this career path.

But the 21st century moved sales into the online realm. This severely cut back on interpersonal connections as most sales were started through emails and social media ads. Engaging potential customers has become nigh impossible and closing deals is an arduous task.

But there’s a solution that removes this lack of engagement, and it’s personalized videos. Since there’s no longer a physical space where you can meet potential prospects, Heybase can create a virtual video space instead.

Heybase is a sales platform that provides you with everything you need to complete your online transactions. With it, you can create virtual sales rooms where you can engage customers and even personalized videos to push your overall engagement.

Managing your prospect just through emails is simply not enough anymore. You need to entice your customers in a unique way. Heybase is an all-in-one platform that provides you with everything to close your deals. The biggest feature is definitely its drag-and-drop builder, with which you easily create virtual sales rooms.

These sales rooms allow you to streamline the pitch process as everything’s collected in one place. There are even specialized building blocks for proposals, contracts, and even payment links.

Having all those aspects on one site creates the most important thing a sale needs. And that’s customers’ trust. One of the main reasons why online sales fall through is that customers don’t perceive websites or emails as trustworthy. While the internet is most certainly a dangerous place this lack of trust can severy impact your profit margins.

By using Heybase you’re building up that trust so that you can actually close deals. Having proposals, deal options, contracts, and payment options directly in front of them, makes prospects more likely to close the deal.

After you’ve built your virtual sales room all that’s left is to share its link with your prospects. They won’t need to log in or share any personal data which means they’ll happily engage with your content. If prospects are simply window shopping through your site, adding blockers like log-in pages may drive them away. So by leaving credentials for closing the deal you’re automatically driving up sales.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll lose out on analytics, because Heybase tracks all activity in your sales rooms. That way you’ll know precisely when people enter, leave comments, or interact with elements. And with that, you’ll be able to find weaknesses and improve them.

Navigating through endless email chains to find details is now a thing of the past. With Heybase you’ll be able to handle all of your sales through virtual rooms. You’ll have access to real-time chatrooms where prospects can immediately respond and leave comments. If you’re trying to start an online sales business Heybase is the tool for you.

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