Best Tips and Ideas for Real Estate Instagram Promotion

Best Tips and Ideas for Real Estate Instagram Promotion

Running a Real Estate agency is a prime example of the importance of marketing. For a while that meant setting up signs, paying for billboards, and advertising in the yellow pages. But today everyone has internet access and smartphones. Therefore it’s important to utilize apps such as Instagram. They have a wide audience reach and are free to use. Instagram is especially noteworthy when promoting real estate as its primary focus lies in the visual arts. Here are some tips and ideas to help your real estate instagram promotions.

1. Target locals

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Instagram is an extremely wide reaching application. That means you can contact basically anyone in the world. But that could actually be detrimental to your business. You need to make sure your ads, posts, and videos are reaching locals first.


There’s not much use in reaching for people who are half a continent away. Instead use geolocation and hashtags to target the area that you plan on advertising. That way people searching the area can find your agency quickly, while people who stumble upon your account can know precisely where you work.

2. Be mindful of your demographics

Using online algorithms to your advantage can grow your account immensely. And that starts with choosing the right demographics. Usually apps want users to see as much content as possible. But there’s not much use in promoting your real estate to kids or teenagers. That’s why you need to track your analytics and make sure your promotions are landing to a demographic that can actually buy real estate. Getting your content stuck in the wrong demographic range can severely limit your growth as certain groups are less likely to engage with the content.

3. Utilize Instagram’s hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most powerful tools in online marketing. They’re the primary way for any agency to reach potential customers. With each hashtag you add you’re increasing the chance of getting new followers. It’s crucial to research popular tags that can be applied to real estate, as just blindly adding random hashtags can have the opposite effect. Through analytics you’ll find out what hashtags people follow, and how many people get to your content through hashtags. By analyzing the performance of your hashtags your automatically paving the way to growing your profile.

4. Share testimonies

As Instagram is a social media platform, it’s a perfect medium for sharing testimonials from happy customers. By making videos of successful deals, updates, and negotiations you’ll be able to gain people’s trust in your business. And as trust is the most powerful tool in any marketing arsenal, having a way to grow it naturally and through honest testimonials is incredibly valuable.

5. Keep your ads brief

While Instagram supports a wide variety of content lengths, it’s important to keep your ads short and fresh. Users don’t like to watch long ads and will usually skip them. That’s why you should leave longer content to the Reels, Instagram Live feeds, and other content. Ads on the other hand should be short, punchy, and straight to the point.

6. Set clear goals

Instagram is a part of your business, but it can take so much effort to run a profile that it might seem as if that’s an entirely new business. That’s why it’s important to set realistic goals that aren’ tangled up with your real estate goals. Don’t condition yourself into thinking that the success of individual content posts result in an increase of profits. Instead focus on steadily growing your profile, so that in the long term you can reach as many people as possible.



Running promotions for your real estate on Instagram may seem unusual to old-fashioned advertisers. But in-reality it’s a surefire way to reach your customers easily. With over millions of everyday users, Instagram is an incredibly fertile soil for up-and-coming real estate agencies. With these tips you’ll be able to grow your accounts efficiently and run promotions effectively.

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