Best Tools for Developers and Teams To Easily Test Email Flows

Best Tools for Developers and Teams To Easily Test Email Flows

As email marketing continues to assist countless businesses to improve their overall marketing strategy, it is not surprising that certain standards must be met in terms of how your emails appear to recipients. Of course, no one writes and formats an email perfectly the first time, especially one with interactive elements. This is where email testing comes into play.

It is critical to always double-check the contents of your email to ensure that it arrives successfully in your recipient’s inbox. So, how do you test your emails? Worry not; we’re here to tell you everything you need to know. Let’s look at some of our current go-to email testing tools and see what each one has to offer. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Imitate Email

All Heading

This simple email testing software is perfect for developers and teams. Imitate Email ensures that your test emails never end up in someone’s inbox by accident. By using Imitate Email’s sandbox SMTP server, you ensure that your emails are delivered to the correct recipients every time, without ending up in your user’s spam folder.

Imitate Email provides you with an embeddable web widget in addition to the SMTP server, which your users can access using SSO without even creating an Imitate Email account.

This is excellent for developers who want to simplify and share their development with team members and clients. The widget and web app both allow users to view their emails in HTML, text or raw formats, as well as preview them on desktop and mobile.



Mailtrap is another email testing tool that is essentially a fake SMTP server that captures test emails and allows you to view them in virtual inboxes. This way, you can double-check the functionality of your emails before sending them out into the world. Gain access to multiple email inboxes in which you and your team can test, and ensure that your email campaigns never go live before their due date.

This way, you can avoid the stress of sending a string of incomplete and poorly constructed emails to your clients before you even get a closer glance. Preserve a tight email strategy with Mailtrap, and you’ll never end up in someone’s spam inbox again.



Using MailSlurp, you can send, receive, and process test emails via HTTP webhooks and Zapier integrations. You can use this tool to validate user authentication, recover forgotten passwords, and send email confirmation. MailSlurp allows you to create an unlimited number of “mock” email addresses and inboxes in which to test your emails and troubleshoot any potential issues that may arise in terms of how your email is laid out, whether or not the interactive elements of your email work properly, and so on.

MailSlurp lets you view all of your emails in code, test user sign-up flows, and upload new contacts to Google Drive.



Although SendinBlue is primarily used for designing and scheduling email campaigns, it also helps you test your campaigns to ensure that they are optimized for high success rates. SendinBlue lets you manage everything from a single dashboard while also providing you with relevant analytics reports on how well your email campaigns are performing and what needs to be improved.

This all-in-one email marketing platform enables you to create a bullet-proof email marketing strategy by controlling every aspect from a single location. Group your contacts based on SendinBlue data, and make sure your content reaches your intended audience every time you hit the “send” button!


Whatever your email strategic approach is, tools like Imitate Email are designed to assist you in testing that strategy. You can troubleshoot and fix each segment as you go, without worrying about ending up in your users’ spam inboxes!

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