How to Attract 1000s of Customers to Your E-Store in 2022

How to Attract 1000s of Customers to Your E-Store in 2022

E-stores have been steadily registering themselves as the primary mode of shopping among 1000s in the customer base of any niche field. So you want to keep up with any trick and trend that attracts more of these green-stuff-holding masses to your e-store. Below we’ll provide the insider scoop on the top 8 of the golden how-tos that have put sustainable smiles on e-store owners’ faces.

1. Fully Exploit Social Media’s Feature To Create Brand Recognition.

All Heading

Brand recognition

They say demand trumps supply, and boy are they right! You need to build a reputation for your brand, making people seek you out, before even supplying anything. And you can do that, and do that well by engaging with the community through a sea of features and forums the top 5 popular social media have provided.

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Reddit, are all goldmines in terms of features like Video marketing, post-content marketing, stories,… and especially comment section interaction both under your own page and other pages’ posts for putting yourself on their e-store radars. Once you have them looking for you, you are already halfway into their wallets.

2. Running The Right Ads At The Right Places.

You need to make your existence and specialness known as vastly as possible, a guaranteed way of which is advertising. Sounds like a “duh”, I know, but how and where you should place ads to reap the biggest results has proven non-too-obvious according to statistics. Here are the golden three:

Run Social Media Ad Campaigns

Running ads on Facebook Dynamic Ads, Instagram Ad Manager, and all the other similar algorithms on the other three social platforms will get your website and pages many clicks and landings on your website, which is all you need to impress and tempt them into shopping by your many allures.

Tap Into Influencer’s Word Of Mouth

A super popular form of ad placement is to hire an influencer to introduce your e-store, along with all your marketing techniques like offers, discounts, contests, and giveaways. The caliber of trust and loyalty an influencer has typically built with a large number of perfectly-niched audiences can mean a literal and immediate purchase of your merchandise and your ultimate leg-up to e-store prosperity. You can use an influencer marketing agency or use a platform like Ainfluencer’s platform for influencer marketing

Run Google Ads


Many go e-shopping directly on the dear old internet, meaning they google stuff they want to buy, so you need to make sure you are on top of your search results. One of the guaranteed ways of accomplishing that is through buying Google ads, which puts you among the top 5 of every search result page you want regardless of how well your SEO is optimized.

3. Boost Discoverability By Keeping On Top Of Your SEO

Your digital showcase, your website, needs to stay in sight, they don’t see you, they buy from who they can see, it’s as simple as that. The main way you stay on people’s e-radars is by making sure your SEO stays up to par. There is a list of SEO practices that you either can learn about on your own by reading up on them online, or you can hire SEO experts to do them for you. However you go about it, remember that if your SEO is not your asset, it’s going to be your liability, there’s no blissful in-between status for your SEO.

Besides SEO, we must remember the significance of having the proper WooCommerce plugins installed. Every WooCommerce firm should consider implementing these. These include the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping and WooCommerce Order Export.

If you intend to expand your firm, you cannot know which products are selling well and which are not without effective coordination. Moreover, you could manually collect all of your data, but why bother (and spend a great deal of time) when you could easily export orders from WooCommerce? Your orders and other e-commerce details are managed by WooCommerce Order Export PRO, one of the most popular e-commerce WordPress plugins. In addition, a free version is offered.

Consider the cost of shipping if you intend to sell an item online. We have an excellent solution for you in the form of the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro plugin. This plugin provides numerous distribution options that are pretty convenient for a website.

4. Use Email Marketing To Keep Your Fans Focused

Email marketing

Your already loyal client base does still get lured into the competition’s web (pun intended) once in a while. Emailing them with offers, discounts, new additions, and interesting content on your platforms will help you win them over. So, don’t undervalue the re-conversion powers of email marketing.

5. Take Full Advantage of Content Marketing

That we live in the era of information is no lie, people are used to being exposed to intriguing and useful content on practically any digital interface, so why don’t we milk that to its last drop and get rich butter out of it? Here are some best practices of successful content marketing:


People turn to google stuff looking for hacks, tips, and pointers to solve their problems, so produce content with a problem-solving angle to it, whatever it is about.

Establish Yourself As The Expert

People just love learning from experts, it gives them peace of mind, and they get to quote you with a sense of authority. So make sure you register your website or social media pages as a hub for specialized, ultra-dependable content in their memories, and not only do they spend hours consuming your content, but they share them with their peers, acting as a one-man/one-woman ad campaign reps for you.

Repurpose And Reprocess Your Content

Turn your blog posts to podcasts, podcasts into video content, and so on, as audiences have preferred modes of information reception, and they like options. You can also start redoing your old blog posts into newly written articles, and newly-recorded and differently-presented podcasts or videos, it will add to the quantity and quality of your content alike.

6. Do Website Analysis

Website Amalysyys

Once you manage to intrigue and charm potential customers onto your website, you need to make sure they stay long enough to do some buying. To see what keeps them there, you need to analyze where they stay the longest and interact with the most. So you need to recruit the services of website analysis, heatmapping tools like WatchThemLive website heatmap, and even Hotjar.

7. Optimize Your Website

Once you know what parts of the site are weighing down your hard marketing work, it’s time to have it optimized for SEO, speed, user experience, design appeals, and such, through a variety of optimization tools for websites. If you own an eCommerce site, then be sure to make sure of the best eCommerce marketing tools to enhance your eStore’s marketing efforts.

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