4 Tips to Prepare Your Blog for a Sale

4 Tips to Prepare Your Blog for a Sale

Blogging is a favorite activity among people who want to share their talent with the world while making money on the side. Blogs are also extremely useful for businesses that want to promote their brand. So, it’s not surprising that there are more than 500 million blog sites worldwide.

Running a blog is a great way for people to make a passive income or even turn their content creation into a full-time job. However, if you’re growing tired of blogging, it’s probably time to sell your blog. And to do that, you need to know how to prepare your blog for a sale.

Choose the right web hosting provider

All Heading

Your website wouldn’t be able to run without a hosting provider. Good web hosting ensures your blog is connected to the internet 24/7 and your end-users don’t experience any issues while on your website.

Your host will house, maintain, and serve the files for your website. However, that is the bare minimum of what hosting can do.


If you want to have a hosting provider that does more than just keep your blog online, SEO hosting services, such as SEOHost, are a good option. SEO hosting can give you a competitive edge by making your website more searchable and giving it a better link value and higher engine rankings.

This type of hosting is especially useful for bloggers who have multiple sites as your SEO hosting provider will assign a different C Class IP to each one. SEO hosting also comes with IP-based geolocation, which means it’s great for both local and international SEO. If you’re trying to target an audience in a specific location, this hosting can help with that.

If you’re familiar with getting a high-ranking search result on Google, you understand the importance of search engine optimization. To prepare your blog for a sale, you also need to tweak your content for better SEO and have a great hosting provider.

Choose the perfect name and niche

Before you can start writing your posts, you need to think of the niche you want to target. Picking a niche for most bloggers includes choosing a broad topic area and then writing about more specific things that are related to the area you chose.

The niche you pick should be something you’re familiar with and wouldn’t mind writing thousands of words about every day. Try to stick to your niche because that is the best way to ensure you attract a loyal audience of readers who will want to come back every time you publish a new post.

Blog Name

When you’re choosing the best name for your blog, try to find something that is related to your niche. This type of name will make readers instantly know what the blog is about. Moreover, it is generally easier to sell it than a blog that has a generic name.

Another rule of thumb you should follow is that if you want to give your blog a name that will ensure it sells easily, don’t name it after yourself. If you do, the blog will be tied to you and present you as the main blogger, which will make it unappealing to potential buyers.

Don’t forget about social media promotion

Social media promotion is very important in the world of blogging. As much as 97% of bloggers promote their blog posts via social media. This is a great way to attract an audience but also get the right people to your blog.

When you decide to sell your blog, the prospective buyer will most likely be interested in buying your social media presence as well. This is why it would be best to create a separate social media presence just for your blog instead of using your personal profiles.

Social Media

Ideally, you should focus on just a couple of social networks so your followers can easily keep track of what you post. As for what content you should include on your profiles, apart from sharing your blog posts, try to publish content that your audience would find interesting and would want to interact with.

Never link your personal email with services

Most bloggers sign up for online services that can help them track their blog’s success, monetize their content, and more. And just like with social media, you shouldn’t link your personal email address if you’re planning on selling your blog in the future.

These services usually don’t allow you to remove the email address you used to sign up for the service. So, if someone else buys your blog and wants access, you would have to give them your personal email login information, and this is never a good idea.

Blog Email

Ideally, you should create a separate email account for all your needs, regardless if it’s for services, social media, or your website builder. So, when you’re ready to sell your blog and everything that goes with it, you won’t have any problems letting go of this email address.

Final thoughts

Starting a blog can be a very profitable venture and bring you even more money when you ultimately decide to sell it. But if you want to get a good price for it, you need to prepare your blog for a sale, which is exactly what you will do if you follow the tips you read about here.

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