Need a coming soon or maintenance page? Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is one of the best choices

Need a coming soon or maintenance page? Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is one of the best choices

Developing and maintaining a webpage can be challenging, demanding, and above all tough mission to do even for experienced developers. Every business no matter its size and niche today has its online presence because the unwritten rule is having a website is opened doors for potential customers and profit. Creating a unique and special place online for a client is a long journey you, as a developer, should be aware of. Even during the development process, you must figure out how to reach and communicate with the customers without affecting the business of your client! That’s why we are here to present you a plugin that will ease all your troubles regarding coming soon landing pages, that will save you a huge amount of time you would otherwise spend coding it – Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode!


All Heading

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is a gem of plugins, loaded with features and customization options that will help you create a stunning, responsive, and visually pleasing coming soon landing page in minutes! When we say its feature arsenal counts dozen of fantastic features, we aren’t joking – at your disposal you will have 170 premade templates for any purpose and branch, a database with over two million high-quality images, a drag-and-drop building system, an SEO tool, Secret Access Link, amazing integration with related third-party software, and more!

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

Having this one by your side in these situations is a fantastic thing, especially when you can create a landing page in minutes instead of wasting hours and hours creating a less attractive page.

Premade themes

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin comes with over 170 premade templates you can choose from, customize them by your needs, and implement them.

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode Themes

First steps

This one has practically every corner customizable! General info you will have to fill out when first starting with the plugin are Plugin name where, as the name of the option says, you modify the name of the plugin, Plugin Short Name where you set an abbreviated name related to previous text box, Plugin Site URL is for entering your site’s URL, Company Name, the box for entering the name of your business, and at the very end, the Plugin Visuals setting that lets you choose your main color that represents your business, and upload your logo (note the fact that for the best result you should keep your logo up to 50px), Footer Copyright is the 50 characters long text box where you point out important information, and finally Custom Admin CSS, a setting for those with a little bit more coding knowledge that will give them more freedom in creating visuals by their parameters and wishes.

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode Branding

Drag-and-drop feature

The biggest reason people opt for this landing page builder is the possibility to customize everything fast and efficiently using the drag-and-drop feature! On the left side of your screen are the layout elements you can drag and drop on your landing page, and on the right side you customize and move up and down already added elements. It’s that simple!

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode Drag and Drop

Elements that can be added to the layout

Elements are the main part of your landing page and we are going to briefly review them in a sentence or two:

  • The Countdown Timer – A feature that will discretely show the exact time and date of the website publishing. You simply add the date and time in the settings panel, customize the look of it (colors, and font) and your timer is set and ready to be implemented into the layout.
  • Progress Bar – Another similar feature that will inform the visitors about the current ongoings on your site and how far have you got with the development. To customize it, move the percentage slider in its options panel, change the bar dimensions and color, and adjust the label size and color, and you’ll have a neat and clear progress bar widget on your page.
  • Map Widget – You can add the exact location of your business or store to the layout with the Map Widget. In the options, you add the address, set the default view, and height.
  • Subscribe Form – With this one you can visitors’ names and email addresses which you can use for communication, newsletters, and so on.
  • Contact form – Perfect spot for people to contact you, give comments and criticism, or ask you questions about your company. To get started, enter your email address, add a text box where the visitors can type what they have in mind, and choose the font color and size of the element.
  • Social Icons – A widget you can use for boosting your traffic and engagement on your social media profiles. You simply add the specific social media icons you are active on, put the link to your profiles, and you are good to go. This way you can exploit your landing page to boost the numbers in another place!
  • Divider – A handy little tool for neatly dividing and positioning your widgets and elements.

Image database

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode comes equipped with over two million free and high-quality images you can choose for any kind of purpose you need them for. In the upper right corner, you can search the database for the exact photo you need and upload it to your layout, for instance, to your background.

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode Images

Other useful tools

Besides all these fantastic features we mentioned above, this plugin comes also with some cool and worthwhile tools, as well! SEO Tool gives you the possibility to track and take care of all of the SEO settings that will help you boost your traffic by fixing the errors on your page that affect the SEO ranking. Secret Access Link is a tool for managing the people who can see what is going on with the page, those who can have insight on the latest changes that the public can’t see yet, and so on! This one has also a great integration with other, third-party software for CRM, autoresponders, and webinars (such as Zapier and MailChimp).


You can acquire this exquisite plugin in three plans depending on what you need. The most affordable one will cost you $39 a year, while the most popular one costs $79, one-time payment, and finally, the plan with all the features included comes for a $199 one-time payment, as well. Note that we guarantee money back if you change your mind.

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode Pricing


Often underestimated things you could have on your webpage, coming soon and maintenance mode landing pages are always a great way to attract new and keep your current customers and clients. Having in mind the possibilities you have on your hands in a combination with all the features and tools we mentioned earlier, Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode should be your pick number one! Go get it and try it out; your clients will enjoy it, and you will as well, with all the results that this plugin will provide for you.

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