4 Technologies To Help Grow Your Small Business

4 Technologies To Help Grow Your Small Business

Starting a small business can be incredibly rewarding, but the goal of any business is to eventually grow and increase profits. If you run or work in a small business and are looking for ways to grow your client base and expand your product, here are four technology-specific tips on how to improve your success.

1. VoIP Phones

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If you’re tired of spam calls or unknown numbers, using a VoIP phone system is one way to help cut down on interruptions and spam callers. You may wonder what is VoIP caller ID. It works both ways: it allows customers to know who you are when you call, and also gives you information when receiving calls so you can better serve your clients.

A Voice over Internet Protocol phone system is also a great tool for your business because it can offer flexibility, affordability, and security.

2. Social Media

Everyone — corporations and individuals alike — are on social media platforms, and even if your business is small, you want to take advantage of this opportunity! Having social media accounts allows you to interact with people, promote your brand, and grow your customer base. Of course, it can be easy to overdo it, so make sure your social media manager is well-trained in your company’s policies, and stick to your business niche.

This builds your authority and helps keep your feed easy to navigate for potential customers.

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3. Automation 

Even if you have a FAQ page on your website, chances are you’ll still get numerous phone calls or emails from people asking for basic information. Instead of wasting precious time answering each question individually, you can set up automation to help streamline your process. Email filters and automatically generated replies can be programmed to answer queries based on keywords or with forms that ask a customer to narrow down their question to a specific field.

Chatbots are also a popular and helpful tool that gives people a chance to interact with your website without you needing to pay for staff to monitor general queries or answer frequently asked questions.

4. Embrace the Cloud

When you need to share, update, and download documents and files on a daily basis, using cloud-based technology is the fastest and most efficient way to do it. Rather than emailing presentations back and forth, or trying to find the correct version of your quote to send to a client, storing and backing up data in the cloud allows for a streamlined and decentralized communication process.

Plus, you can always access files on the go if the business requires you to travel.

Technology is constantly evolving and it can help your business grow the way you want.


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