Why Your Business Should Focus on Mobile UX Optimization

Why Your Business Should Focus on Mobile UX Optimization

Smartphones are taking over: Is your mobile website prepared?

Believe it or not, over half of 2021’s internet traffic—both worldwide and in the United States alone—came from mobile phones! Our beloved iPhones and Galaxies are no longer sidekicks to desktop computers.

With that in mind, it’s clear that you need a strong website for smartphones. Mobile UX optimization isn’t a nice thing to have, but an absolute must for success.

If you’re serious about your business, keep reading to learn some top benefits of optimizing your mobile UX.

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Don’t Seem Out of Date or Tech-Incompetent

Businesses without mobile websites seem like they’re in the stone age. They get less business because mobile users pass over desktop-oriented sites.

A site with only a desktop version suggests your business is out-of-date and that you’re not very tech-savvy. Users may even assume your business doesn’t exist anymore since you haven’t updated it.

You must optimize your mobile website for it to look current. If you don’t, kiss leagues of would-be clients goodbye.

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Keep Loading Time Down

As a business owner, you know clients aren’t often patient. They’re even less patient while searching for quick answers on their phones. Optimizing mobile UX means your website can come in handy when time is of the essence.

The almighty Google isn’t patient either when it evaluates mobile websites. It weighs load time in rankings as it does with desktop sites. Mobile website optimization satisfies both users and Google’s algorithms with speedy loading times.


Improve Mobile SEO Ranking

Optimizing your mobile website has a wide range of SEO advantages beyond fast loading.

For instance, removing Flash and other outdated elements from your mobile site helps it run faster and minimizes glitches. Also, nobody wants to zoom in on their phone to try and read tiny words. Google counts font scaling in rankings, too.

Consider the effects of different finger sizes, coordination, and varying levels of visual acuity. Optimizations like making your menus easy to click and ensuring they work with voice search SEO make your mobile UX much more accessible for those who can’t see well or have poor coordination, among others. You’ll get more business from clients with those impediments as well as plenty of users without them.

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Enjoy a Faster Conversion Funnel

Your website’s conversion funnel could be quicker and more effective after taking the effort to optimize your mobile website.

Cluttered mobile websites don’t aid conversions. Users expect a basic, no-nonsense mobile site that highlights your business’ most essential elements. Put other pages on a slide-out menu or another hidden viewer.

Keeping ancillary things in the main menu is confusing. It sends people away from the bottom of the funnel, not toward it.

With a good mobile UX, site users won’t get lost and leave out of frustration. Optimized mobile websites send users to signup, checkout, and other end goals with ease.

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UX Optimization and Other Nifty Technology Tips and Tricks

Now you know some key reasons mobile UX optimization is good for your business. With this information, you’ll enjoy benefits like more conversions and a better SEO ranking.

Do you want to learn other ways to achieve those goals? You’re in the right place to get it done. Get an easy boost up the ladder to success by reading another of our quick, helpful technology articles.

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