The Best CRM for Real Estate Agencies in 2022

The Best CRM for Real Estate Agencies in 2022

When it comes to managing leads and clients, a real estate CRM (customer relationship management) system is essential. It is becoming increasingly vital for real estate agents and their brokerages to use CRM solutions. If you’re looking for a real estate CRM tailored to your needs, look for tools like email and text messaging, lead tracking, and call-to-action buttons.

Customer Data

A wide range of CRM systems is available to businesses today, and many of them may be tailored to the needs of real estate agents, even if they’re not expressly designed for the industry. However, some CRMs incorporate technologies that make the CRM more useful for agents. We’ve compiled a list of the best CRM systems for real estate brokers right now, tailored to meet their particular requirements.

1. Pipedrive

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Pipedrive is the most effective tool for monitoring a team’s performance and organizing its tasks. Pipedrive is a customer and leads management platform that professionals can utilize in any industry, including the real estate business. The tool makes it possible for real estate agents to monitor incoming calls and maintain contact information. It collects leads straight through web forms and chatbots, which can then be followed up on by real estate agents to convert them into consumers.


Monday is the most suitable platform for marketing experts to use to handle and organize consumer data. One of the most widely used customer relationship management systems is Large companies from various fields, such as NBC, Walmart, Adobe, Coca-Cola, and a great many others, utilize the program. Other users include consumers. It offers a centralized workplace that the team can use to plan and execute the best possible work.


  • Integration of more than one hundred apps for task management
  • Automated task assignments
  • Team management

It is a generic customer relationship management program that anyone from any sector may use to coordinate their teams and projects. Real estate agents can use the CRM app to manage and coordinate the duties involved in maintaining customer relationships.

3. HubSpot


HubSpot is the best tool for planning and coordinating relationships with customers on a centralized digital site while providing users with access to the platform for free. The HubSpot CRM software can help real estate agents save time when generating leads and following up with clients. The user interface of the CRM app is straightforward. The app can record the specifics of each customer and prospect. Through the use of the dashboard, real estate agents can also obtain continuous visibility regarding the customer sales pipeline.


  • The exchange of documents
  • Monitoring of emails
  • Plans for upcoming gatherings
  • Sales Quote
  • Real-time chitchat

It is the most effective customer relationship management system for real estate agents. You can use the CRM without being subject to any usage restrictions. The app can store up to one million contacts, which should be sufficient for the needs of the vast majority of real estate professionals. There is no charge.

4. TopProducer


TopProducer is ideal for real estate agents who wish to gain client insights and follow up with integrated email marketing campaigns. One of the most effective customer relationship management (CRM) software for the real estate industry, TopProducer provides users with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively manage their interactions with clients. Through the use of the program, real estate professionals can contact home buyers and sellers at varying phases of the transaction process. It makes the whole process of prospecting customers and efficiently following up with them much more straightforward.


  • Monitoring of emails
  • Individualized contact and participation in groups
  • 150+ real estate lead sources

The TopProducer program is a customer relationship management system designed specifically for real estate agents. The software is helpful for real estate agents since it allows them to capture and organize client information and follow up with clients to negotiate deals.

5. Zillow Premier Agent CRM


The Zillow Premier Agent CRM is the most acceptable option for monitoring the search activity of Zillow clients at no additional cost.

Zillow Premier Agent is a customer relationship management solution that gives information about the search intent of a client. The software shows the customers the homes they have saved after searching for them online and keeping them in the software. Real estate agents can send clients individualized communications tailored to their search intentions.


  • Quick sending and receiving of messages are possible.
  • Follow-up with clients via phone, email, or text messaging scribblings tailored to their specific needs
  • Customer perceptions
  • Custom-made scribblings


Customer relationship management (CRM) software for the real estate industry should reflect how you treat your clients. Others allow you to create your own sales pipelines and approaches for success, while others are more straightforward.


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