What Is Blooket And How Does It Work?

What Is Blooket And How Does It Work?

Being a teacher is an incredibly hard career. From all the bureaucracy to creating unique classes for your students, and on top of that, new students come in each year with more complex needs. Students need to be engaged in every way possible to achieve their true potential.

And as these last few years have shown, having a digital tool that can help you in times of need. Even if there isn’t a global health crisis looming over teachers’ heads, having extra content can come in handy for some struggling students. That’s where tools like Blooket come to use.

What is Blooket?

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Blooket is an online educational tool that allows teachers to use and create games for their students. These educational games can help students engage with new material and cement their current knowledge. With this learning platform, you can help young students overcome difficult concepts through entertaining and engaging games. From preset games that quiz general knowledge to your personally-made games.

Having a tool that can gamify a curriculum is especially useful for younger students that have trouble with a standard lesson plan. Creating games with Blooket will help your students apply knowledge more easily. That’s because instead of rote memorization and questionnaires, students will actively engage with the materials you integrate into games.

How Does Blooket Work?

Blooket works on the principle of integrating your curriculum into appropriate games. This means you need to find a game that works with your material and set it up so that it acts as a questionnaire. You can use premade games that Blooket created, and just input your data. Or you could make your games from scratch that perfectly fit your needs.

One of the biggest issues almost all schools have is access to technology. This can stem from underfunded schools, outdated equipment, and other various issues. But most importantly, issues with access are clearest at home. Children come from a variety of differing backgrounds, so teachers can’t expect all of them to have the same tools at home. That’s why Blooket is a browser-based tool that doesn’t require a strong computer to work. It can be utilized from basically any machine, meaning that there’s no barrier to entry for underprivileged students.

To start using Blooket all you need to do is sign up for a free account. From there you can immediately start using premade questionnaires or create your own. After you’ve created your game all that’s left to do is to share the game’s entry code with your students. With it, they’ll be able to access your game and begin their learning process.

Who Is The Intended Audience?

While virtually anyone can make use of Blooket, its styling suggests that it’s best used with younger students. From early childhood students to elementary school kids, Blooket’s style suits kids that prefer more colorful and eye-catching visuals. This tool is still very useful for older students, but using it may feel juvenile with high schoolers.

By using Blooket you’re fostering a healthy sense of competition in your students, all the while they grow and learn the content you put inside the games. This approach works best in a live classroom, where your students can interact the best. That being said, Blooket is still a powerful tool at home. It allows kids to synergize revision with games. Through such revisions, you’re removing the negative stigma that comes with homework. By making homework fun at an early age you’re instilling in your students a sense of fun in their coursework.


From tower defense to roguelikes Blooket offers a variety of games to help you grow engagement in your classroom. If you’re struggling to keep students engaged, a tool like Blooket can help you bring back fun into the classroom.

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