Can You Delete a Book From KDP? 3 Ways to Do It!

Can You Delete a Book From KDP? 3 Ways to Do It!

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has revolutionized the publishing industry, empowering authors to bring their works to a global audience with ease. However, the journey of a book doesn’t always follow a straight path, and authors may find themselves needing to remove a book from their KDP account. In this guide, we’ll explore the reasons why authors might want to delete a book and outline three effective ways to achieve this through the KDP platform.

Why Delete a Book from KDP

Why Delete a Book from KDP?

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Authors may consider removing a book from KDP for various reasons:

1. Outdated or Inaccurate Content

   If a book contains outdated information or has errors that compromise its quality, authors may opt to take it down temporarily to make necessary revisions.

2. Rebranding or Republishing

   Authors might choose to rebrand a book with a new cover, title, or content. In such cases, taking down the existing version and republishing it as a new edition becomes a strategic move.

3. Exclusive Publishing Agreements

   Authors enrolled in exclusive publishing agreements, such as Kindle Unlimited, may need to remove their book from other platforms to comply with exclusivity requirements.

Three Ways to Delete a Book from KDP

1. Unpublishing the Book

   The simplest method to remove a book temporarily from sale on Amazon is to unpublish it. Here’s how:

   a. Log in to your KDP account and go to your Bookshelf.

   b. Find the book you want to unpublish.

   c. Click on the ellipsis (…) next to the book title and select “Unpublish.”

   d. Confirm the unpublishing action.

   Unpublishing retains the book in your KDP account but removes it from sale on Amazon. It allows you to make updates or changes before republishing.

2. Permanently Deleting the Book

   If you want to completely remove a book from your KDP account, including all associated data, you can use the delete option. Keep in mind that this action is irreversible, and the book cannot be recovered. Follow these steps:

   a. Access your KDP Bookshelf.

   b. Locate the book you wish to delete.

   c. Click the ellipsis (…) and choose “Delete.”

   d. Confirm the deletion by entering the title of the book.

   Permanently deleting a book is a drastic measure and should be considered carefully. Once deleted, the book and its associated data, including reviews and sales history, are gone.

3. Contacting KDP Support

   In certain situations, authors may encounter challenges that require assistance from KDP Support. For instance, if a book has legal issues or if technical difficulties prevent unpublishing or deleting, reaching out to KDP Support becomes necessary.

   a. Go to the KDP Help Center on the Amazon website.

   b. Click on “Contact Us” and choose the relevant category.

   c. Provide details about the issue and request assistance in removing the book.

   KDP Support can guide authors through specific scenarios and offer solutions tailored to individual cases.

Considerations and Best Practices

1. Back Up Your Files

   Before unpublishing or deleting a book, ensure you have backups of all files related to the book, including the manuscript, cover image, and promotional materials.

2. Communicate Changes to Readers

   If your book has garnered a readership, consider communicating any changes, updates, or the reason for unpublishing. This helps maintain transparency and trust with your audience.

3. Review KDP Terms of Service

   Familiarize yourself with KDP’s terms of service, especially if you’re considering exclusive publishing agreements or making significant changes to your book’s content.



Managing your bookshelf on KDP requires thoughtful decision-making, especially when it comes to removing a book from sale. Whether you choose to unpublish temporarily, delete permanently, or seek assistance from KDP Support, understanding the implications and following best practices ensures a smoother transition for both authors and their readers. As the publishing landscape continues to evolve, KDP remains a powerful platform that empowers authors to control their literary destinies.

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